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Assistance to participation in e-commerce in Russia will be given to European companies as part of an agreement between the Association of Electronic Trading Platforms (AETP) and the consortium of companies consisting of « VL Center» Ltd, VL BALTIC, the Latvian branch of VL Center Ltd and IMPERUM Ltd (Riga, Latvia).

The parties’ agreement on cooperation and collaboration in the development of electronic commerce involves topics such topics as the creation of a single information space of government and commercial procurement, joint monitoring of information support of placing orders for state and municipal needs, counteraction of corruption, economic and informational security of electronic tenders and auctions.

Besides, within the collaboration of the Association and the consortium of companies it is planned to decide the issues of registration of export-import relations between Russian and European participants. It also assumes that the Moscow office of AETP will represent the interests of the European participants in electronic commerce in Russia.

In order to improve the interaction of the parties we will use information products and programs created under AETP, in particular information-analytical system Seldon.2010. This software consolidates data on procurement in the country and abroad and makes it possible to quickly monitor and analyze incoming information. Therefore, it can be useful not only to local market participants, but also to all companies which are planning to join or are already involved in e-commerce in Russia and CIS, said CEO of AETP Iliya Dimitrov.

In his turn General Director of VL Center Ltd, Director of VL BALTIC of the Latvian branch of VL Center Vilnis Strazdins noted that the expansion of client base of AETP (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan) at the expense of participants of the Baltic countries and other countries of the European Union will expand the geography of the procurement and will facilitate the integration of Russia and CIS countries in the European space.

For information:

  • VL BALTIC the Latvian branch of VL Center) organizes the cooperation of businessmen from Russia and the CIS with the entrepreneurs of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and other European Union countries to develop mutually beneficial interaction models.
  • VL Center Ltd (VL CENTER Moscow) since 1995 provides counseling business in Russia including in the analysis and property management in various business fields.
  • VL Center Ltd is also one of the oldest appraisal firms and is evaluating all types of property, analysis of financial condition, consultations on construction and real estate, investment and its attraction.
  • IMPERUM Ltd (CEO — Kaspars Rozenkopf) since 2007 organizes procurement on the markets of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

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